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Seven Canary Luxury Real Estate. Your Home.

Canary Islands are a real paradise, that’s a fact.

Just a few kilometres from Europe, with fascinating beaches, dreamy landscapes and spring temperatures, each island is a magical and unique world where you can find the perfect environment for a dream home.


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We offer professional expertise and services, covering all the needs and demands of our customers.

In particular:

– We have excellent photographic equipment, we offer photo sets + virtual tours +drone videos and post production, to bring out your property with fabulous images;

– By assignment, we retrieve all legal and cadastral documentation of the real estate unit: we check for any slopes, preparing in advance the papers for the sale;

– We provide full assistance to the investor (whether on the island or outside the market), to verify the properties identified and -possibly- to evaluate others;

– We guarantee to the investor a complete and accurate legal advice during the bureaucratic procedures for the purchase of the property;

– We take care of the management of the property in the event that the purpose of its purchase is the provision of income, whether it is a tourist lease, or whether you opt for residential rental.

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Fantastic Villa in Los Abanicos, Corralejo

  • €189,000.00
  • 2 ca
  • 1 ba


  • Project available €155,000.00
  • 65 mq


  • Project available €185,000.00

VILLA JACO – Parque Holandés

  • €625,000.00
  • 4 ca
  • 3 ba

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