Fuerteventura, Corralejo

The Pearl of the Canary Islands: Corralejo

Information about the most touristic city of the island

Corralejo is a simple, poetic country with very docile and open people. A few years ago it had little pretensions to look handsome, you could say that was one of the prerogatives that made it extraordinary. It was normal for the sidewalks to be dirt and the most beautiful car was about ten years old. All went around in thongs and shorts: it was permeated by a particular romanticism, where even money had little importance.

Corralejo 2018

Today Corralejo is a very clean tourist town that aims to make itself beautiful, both through government investment projects and through concessions to leading investors in the field of fashion. Shopping malls have been created, the great perfumeries of “Milanese” and mono-brand stores of medium-high brands have arrived. The Avenida Principal is full of commercial offers for tourists, interspersed with the inevitable shops of chinoiserie that host everything from souvenirs to clothing.

The central beach of the “pueblo”

In any case Corralejo has not lost his poetic soul, with his happy and playful children running in the street and through the large places in town. The local elders enjoy the spectacle of the tourists from their balconies or sit in some “majorero” bars, while the small beaches are home to the sand artists who create dragons and villages. Live music in the spring-summer season is ubiquitous in squares and pubs, while people make friends in the tables of numerous cafés.


Living Corralejo

Corralejo (the name means “the little coral”), is an ancient fishermen’s nucleus that housed the first vacationers of Fuerteventura. It is still one of the places chosen by tourism also for the night activity, which starts around midnight in the premises of the commercial platform “Atlantic Sol” and continues in the night also in some pubs and restaurants, hosting live music and shows.

The street is similar to the other of the “Casco Antiguo”, which connect the commercial road to the port area.

From the port has developed the “Casco Antiguo”, historical nucleus of the first residents: then was born the “Avenida principal”, the Main Street of Corralejo, which was completely remade in 2017 and is partially pedestrionized. From the main road have developed various neighborhoods, some composed of residences, hotels and villages, others that develop on the coast with luxury villas and semi-detached houses, until the first sands of the great beaches.

View of the village from one of the apartments


The warning is not to lock you up in a little village with swimming pool (even if they are wonderful, are so full optional that you can not get out of it anymore), but to enjoy the walks between the people and the shops ofAvenida. Or you can go into the parallel nearby to explore the squares with the historic windmills, or even enter some local and drink a rom-mièl (rum liqueur with honey or cinnamon), while they play and sing.


Get carried away by the breeze and stop where you feel inspired. You can take a jog (if you are a sportsman) or stroll along the harbor for a few kilometres, along The “Paseo Marítimo” to the beautiful wind turbines in the area of Bristol, north of Corralejo.

pedestrian path that lapping the ocean, from the port to the rocky area called “Bristol”

Rent a Quad to explore the fascinating surroundings, or let somebody take you to the Isla De Lobos (the small island in front of the city) for an unforgettable dive into the crystal clear waters of its small gulfs.

Let yourself be enchanted.

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